How To Make The Most of Google Hangouts For Your Business

Google Hangouts is a marvellous product by Google for messaging your contacts, conducting group meetings on Google video conference, making free voice and video calls and organizing group chats through minimalistic platform. It is available for both, web and mobile and is convenient to use.
Google Hangouts in action

Did you know that you can also leverage Hangouts for your business? If not, we’ll tell you how.

5 Ways To Use Google Hangouts For Your Business

Here are a few interesting ways in which you can use Google Hangouts to increase productivity and communication within teams and grow your business.

#1 Organize video conference calls with internal teams and stakeholders
With Google + video conference calls, you can easily stay connected with remote employees, merchants, clients, and stakeholders outside your office. If you have less than 10 people in the call, you can upgrade your conference calls from voice to video calls with special feature. It is always better to conduct meeting face to face than doing them on call. The Google plus video conference can even be recorded, so you can easily review it later and sum up the key points of the session.

Google video conference app#2 Conduct interview sessions and enhance the hiring process
Is your company on a hiring spree? If yes, then why don’t you conduct the interview sessions on Hangouts? Convenient and time saving for the candidate as well as the recruiter. This is particularly helpful if you have employees who stay far and need to be part of the interview process urgently.

#3 Organize a webinar
Google Hangouts on Air help you save big on expenses incurred for using webinar platforms. With this powerful tool you can present webinars to your customers, anytime, anywhere. You can stream live from your office or even a professional studio.

#4 Interview Celebrities, Industry, and Subject Experts
Planning to conduct a “Useful Tips” session by well-known celebrities, industry leaders or subject experts, and having a tough time getting an appointment from them? Don’t worry! You can interview them from anywhere using Google Hangouts. You can stream it live with Google Hangout Air or record the session and later play in on your website.

#5 Hold Questions/Answers and Customer Reviews Sessions
Want to utilize Google Hangouts to touch base with your audience? Now you can effortlessly organize enlightening Q&A sessions with selected customers, business partners or industry experts. This platform will also allow customers to give their feedback on products and services and at the same time, enable the brand to discuss their ideas and vision. You can have the head of your company or a group of members to answer customer queries.

Now that you know the benefits of Google Hangout for your business, make the most of it to give your brand a new image.